Frequently Asked Questions



How would you describe your style?

It can be best be describes as fun, intimate and from a differing perspective. By this I mean I endeavour to engage with my subjects in such a way that best captures their personality. I am known for my relaxed style, judiciously using humour to make my subjects feel relaxed in front of the camera. 


Are you part time or full-time?

Although I am part time, and do not have the portfolio of a full-time photographer, this does not mean I do not produce professional results. I believe that my work testifies to that. As a result though, my booking times may be a little more restricted. Nonetheless, most sittings would occur on weekends, which is true for many professional photographers.



What should I wear to a portrait sitting?

Obviously comfortable clothing, but it is important that your clothing is muted in tone, using solid colours rather than strong patterns. If it is a group session, it is important that your choices do not clash.
A conservative style of clothing is also preferred. Think whether you would be happy to see yourself in the outfit in 20 years time.

I live in ….… , will you travel to my location?

Although I live in the Macarthur region, I am willing to travel to any destination in the greater Sydney area, although a travel fee might be incurred. I'll gladly accept any wedding shoot on location on a tropical island . :D


Do you have a studio?

Currently Stonemeadow Photography does not have a studio and only provides location shooting. This is conducive to my style in that I prefer shooting more informal settings, using natural light (I do have flash equipment), as this better captures the personality of my subjects.



What experience do you have in teaching photography?

I have been an educator for over 25 years, teaching in a high school, both locally and internationally for 20 years. As a result have developed the ability to take any subject area and explain it in a concise, easy to understand manner, no matter what level the student is at.
I have also conducted lessons in photography skills to students at high school level.
Rest assured, whether you meet me one-on-one, or in a small group, I will be able to help you improve your photographic skills.



I do not see the size I want for an image?

I generally only show the sizes that are most common for people to order. (who wants to see a thousand choices to sort through).
I am able to provide other sizes, whether they be slightly different aspect ratio, or you wish to purchase a very large print f or your all. Please contact me, and I can make it available for you to see next time you visit the page.