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Colour Histogram In this video I help you understand the colour histogram and how to interpret them


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Introduction to the histogram Do you understand the histogram on the back of your camera?

He is my first training video which would hopefully help


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My passion  

Last night I had invited 4 friends to take a trip down to Kiama for a photo shoot. The idea was to have fun shooting landscapes as well as share skills and knowledge on how to improve our landscape photography.

Two of my friends are relatively new to photography. They're quite capable (despite them not thinking so), but were keen to come along just to learn. I too was willing to learn, trying out new techniques.

First stop was Cathedral Rocks, just north of Kiama, fora night shoot. So here we are traversing the rocks, torches in hand but somewhat assisted in that there was a half moon, lighting the shores. We then spent two and a half hours, shooting long exposures, playing with burning iron, getting wet. In the midst, I was able to share some of my own methods to my friends, which they then put into practice.

Then off to the hotel for a short sleep, since we then arose at 4am to get back to the rocks for a sunrise shoot. Again, more of the same, getting wet when not watching the waves, clambering over rocks to get the best position and then enjoying (and shooting) what beauty was before us.

The trip ended with a leisurely breakfast in town.

Why was the trip so enjoyable? It is because it combined many of passions - enjoying nature, enjoying good company, the process of trying to capture the beauty before me in an image, and lastly, enjoying helping others capture that passion as I share some of my (limited) knowledge with others, sharing the excitement photography can bring. 

Photography is about sharing. We take pictures to share with others what we have seen, whether it is a view, a moment in time, or evoke an emotion we had when we captured the image. It is a reason I take photos. But I equally enjoy sharing the process of the capture.

So why do you like to take photos? Feel free to share

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